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Unique Property Investment (UPI) Group LLC is a family owned real estate solutions and investment firm established in 2016 that specializes in helping property owners get rid of their burdensome real estate fast for cash.

We buy houses AS-IS in any condition or location. We provide a win-win solution to help homeowners get out of their sticky situations and find solutions to their real estate problem.

The central points to our strategy are:

  • Providing a clean, well-maintained property for lease or sale
  • Marketing the highest price for the rental or sale product based on current market conditions
  • Attracting the best qualified purchase or rental prospects for the property
  • Developing long-term tenancies for rental properties to minimize turnover and vacancy expenses

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“Sean is a very knowledgeable investor and has worked with me on a few projects. I’m very impressed with his professionalism and agility to navigate through our current market.”

J. Coates – Real Estate Broker



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