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Are you looking for additional streams of income, reduce debt, become a successful real estate investor, or want to create long-term wealth through real estate investing? Learn how to invest in real estate with little money or experience to remedy those issues. Join my 90-day REI Mastermind & Mentorship program. Here’s what you will learn.

      1. Investing In The Investor
      2. Understanding The Various Real Estate Investing Strategies (18+ ways to invest in real estate)
      3. Understanding The Find, Analyze, Determine Exit Strategy & Fund Real Estate Investment Flow
      4. How To Analyze A Real Estate Investments (Know your numbers)
      5. Developing A Successful Real Estate Investing Business Structure
      6. Case Studies

* Topics in the mentorship program can change at the Mentor’s discretion

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“Sean is an affluent and structured investor. He's strategic in his selection of properties to invest in and he knows and follows an investment formula to ensure success. He's knowledgeable about the renovation process on a fix and flip so that things are done properly and in line with city, state and county codes. He works with extreme integrity. Overall, he knows his stuff and I am proud to be a mentor and a partner under his leadership during my first fix and flip project.”

I. Hall – New Real Estate Investor


“I’d like to thank Sean Ledbetter and the Unique Property Investment Group for their assistance in helping me get my rehab project done. I came into this home that had a lot of damage after a fire and pre-existing damage beforehand. Sean provided some guidance and assistance so that I can learn this process from start to finish and to consider this as another way for me to bring in another stream of income. The information and help that Sean provided was priceless! He assisted in acquiring the capital that was needed, starting my business, and even decision making on whether to sell or keep the property as a rental investment. I’m so grateful, thanks Sean!”

S. Brown – New Real Estate Investor



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